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The Ideas That Rule Us - The Book

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Ideas define who we are and what we become. These ideas, held consciously and subconsciously, affect every aspect of our lives. Because of this, we better understand what they are, how they work, and how to change them.

"A well-researched, thought-provoking reconsideration of society’s sacred cows.”

Our Verdict: GET IT
KIRKUS Reviews

Using ideas and ideology as a lens, this book takes a multidisciplinary, science-first, approach toward making sense of our lives and the societies in which we live.

We examine:

The Profound Impact of Ideas

How other people's ideas affect everything from our preferences to genetic expression—and why change is possible.

The Ideas That

Rule Us

The ideas deepy affect our lives, where they came from, and what can we do about it.


Impossible but Practical Realities

How our ideas can to create the evidence that appears to support them—making us hold onto bad ideas.

The Nature of Change

How long do ideas take to die? And how we can we develop better strategies for deep change within our societies?

Innate Ideas that Drive Moral Bias

A scientific examination of human moral leanings using the lens of ideas and ideology.

Political Force & Freedom

What lies behind the use of force (of all kinds) in our systems, and what principles can deliver freer societies?

A New Political Spectrum

A new approach to understanding what underlies our politics—and the inherrent problems of the right & the left

Bureaucracy & Abstract Rule

The problems with abstract governance and what it means for those involved—from politician to citizen.

Reality and Perception

Our relationship with reality and how it relates to our—and our society's—behavioural outcomes.

The Legal-Social Reality Gap

What happens when changes to the law, or moral-attitudes, outpace people's ability to change deep-set ideas?

Calcification of the Abstract

What happens when we spend too much of our lives in the abstract—in abstractions of work, life, sociality—everything?

How To Use It To Live A Better Life

How to apply everything covered in this book to our lives with a focus on simplicity and practicality.

EIGHT years in the making

This well-referenced book delves into the human dichotomy of the abstract and the emotional and unearths insights that can help us all live better lives.

"At its heart, this book is an exploration of our relationship between the abstract and the emotional. This relationship plays a dominant role in the human condition—impacting every aspect of our lives."

N. J. Murphy

"Aspects of this book have changed how I think about politics. "

Simon Gentry

Senior Public Affairs Specialist

Strategic Communications Counsel

Atticus Partners

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