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Thank you for your interest in The Ideas That Rule Us. Please find an author biography, headshots, and cover downloads below.

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Author Bio:

Nathan is currently the founder and Lead Researcher at Prepolitica, a research group that takes a science-first approach to the development of political theory.


In the past, Nathan has invented, patented and sold medical products, lobbied the highest levels of Government for prison reform, and founded three technology businesses. Unprofessionally, he has been a sponsored rock climber, built a large social media following, sold tens of thousands of books, created online courses, renovated a dilapidated house (DIY), and—over the past five years—he has been working in political theory, writing academic papers, and presenting at conferences. 

Quotes & Reviews:

"A well-researched, thought-provoking reconsideration of society’s sacred cows."

KIRKUS Reviews — Our Verdict: GET IT 
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"Human experience is fundamentally composed of two things: the incoming stimulations that hit our sensory apparatus, and the ideas that we carry around about the world and which influence how we construe our perceptions. While the first is mainly governed by biological constraints, the latter is subject also to social and cultural negotiation. In his insightful book The Ideas That Rules Us, Nathan, J. Murphy walks us through an impressive amount of research and literature to investigate how systems of ideas, for instance in the form of religion, ideology and policy, come to shape our thoughts and behaviors, often in ways we are not fully aware of."
Professor Kristian Tylén
Cognitive Science and Semiotics
Aarhus University

"A broad and insightful dismantling of the constructs that influence much of our social and political environment”
Professor Andrew Barron,
School of Natural Sciences
Macquarie University

“Murphy’s book is a riveting journey into the history that shapes us and the decisions that define us. Each page shows the weight and cause of decisions in a unique and entertaining way.”
Patrick Sweeny
Wall-Street Journal Best Selling Author

"A bold new explanation for why politics and ideology work the way they do."
Russell Max Simon
Political Reporter, Albuquerque Journal Deputy
Press Secretary for U.S. Senate Campaign

"Nathan uses simple language to shine a light on the fallacies of the philosophies underlying societal thought."
Dr Imad Ahmed
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
University College London

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